Aim & Objects


  • To ensure education for all.
  • To help the marginal people for removing poverty.
  • To enhance the health facilities for the people.
  • To generate new workplace for removing unemployment problem.
  • To uproot corruption from all branches of country.
  • To subdue terrorism in a strong hand.
  • To secure the proper security for children as well as women folk.
  • To make an environment friendly society.


  • To develop a knowledgeable society.
  • To provide sound training in leadership, team spirit, tolerance and cooperation.
  • To evoke a sense of positive self-concept and self-esteem among the mass people.
  • To develop well balanced and integrated personality with an amalgamation of modern outlook and moral values.
  • To enable the women to be self-reliant and empower them with knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the world with confidence.
  • To be worker of making ‘Digital Bangladesh’ which is a cherishing dream of our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina?